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How does our museum work now?

How does our museum work now?

How does our museum work now?

In today's difficult situation, we do our best to meet the expectations of everyone who wants to explore our collection.

You can still experience the highlights of the collection in private with our expert-led tours. For any queries on booking please call the museum (phone number here) or drop us an email so that we can schedule a private tour.

At the same time, we continue the construction of the Masonic Museum Latvia and assume that its opening will take place by the end of 2022.

At this stage, we cannot transfer the collection to the new museum space due to the unexpectedly discovered sources of very high humidity, that make the conditions of the rooms incompatible with storage rules of our unique exhibits. Installing a new powerful climate system requires more time and money. Therefore, we will be grateful for any form of support from you - advertising our excursions or direct donations on the Masonic Museum Latvia website.

Very soon our museum will open in Riga, presenting the largest collection of Masonic artifacts in Eastern Europe. This is a modern museum designed by a professional international design bureau specializing in exhibitions and museums.

We are looking forward to seeing you for private tours and remain open to ideas for cooperation and will be grateful for any help.