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We have developed personalized certificates for visiting our museum

We have developed personalized certificates for visiting our museum

We have developed personalized certificates for visiting our museum

The owners of the certificates receive a visit to the museum at any time from the moment of its opening. The certificates are issued to anyone who donates at least 7 euros for the construction of the exhibition.

Almost four months ago, on October 14, we started raising funds for the construction of an exposition of our museum in Riga.

Over the past five months, a lot has been done: we have created a website for the museum, have been able to prepare the premises for the construction of the exposition. We solved all organizational issues by establishing a non-profit society Erasm in Latvia to ensure the work of our museum. Also, in collaboration with a leading museum building company, we have created a stunning exhibition project.

This is a unique modern interactive museum with one of the largest private collection of Masonic artifacts in Europe, combining exhibits not only for three hundred years of the official existence of Freemasonry, but also substantively representing its roots in the Renaissance, deepening the historical perspective up to five hundred years ago.The earliest artifacts of our collection date from the early 16th century.

There have already been about a dozen publications related to the museum in different languages:

We also talked about Freemasonry in a historical context, demonstrating museum exhibits, talking with scientists.For example, here is a conversation with a famous historian, Professor Alexander Etkind.

We, as a museum, cannot stop engaging in educational activities, since the history of Freemasonry is a fascinating material, which in many respects is the key to understanding many historical processes.But - most importantly - we need to continue building the museum.And here we really need your help and support.

We ask you to help us to collect 50 thousand euros. At this stage of the project this sum is crucial for us. There is an easy way to do so:

Donate 7 euros to us and receive a personal certificate for visiting the museum at any time from the moment of its opening.

To help us in our construction, follow the link below, choose the form of donation convenient for you, and then you will be asked to receive a certificate for visiting the museum to your e-mail. If you are donating via Gogetfunding and direct bank transfer, please add a note that you want to get a personal certificate.Start your adventure right now. And very soon you will see what has been hidden for several centuries by a veil of rumors, misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Your modest contribution of 7 euros will help us to substantively tell the story of how our civilization has developed since Early modern period, and to see together the vector of its development.